Things that make you go hmm….

UPDATE We are downgrading this rumor to 'false' today as it does appear there was indeed a typo (of the car number) in the Mexican newspaper and Dominguez and Legge will not be swapping rides.

09/13/06 This is a scan of the paper edition of the different newspapers of "Grupo Reforma", (El Norte, Reforma, etc). It says that Katherine Legge will change her Nomex design and the color scheme of her car. For the Road America race, she will be supporting "Warriors in Pink" of Ford which supports the Susan G. Komen foundation that fights breast cancer. Her car will be all pink with some ribbons in a different shade of pink, and her Nomex and helmet will have the "Warriors in Pink" logos.

It also says that all the other cars will have a pink ribbon on the side.

What also caught our attention is that the article says she will drive the No. 19 car. The 19 car of Coyne was the car Mario Dominguez was driving. Is this a typo or is this a confirmation Dominguez and Legge will switch seats for the final three races with Dominguez taking over her PKV ride? Jose Arrambide reporting from Mexico

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