RCR to expand to 4 cars

UPDATE We are bumping this rumor up to 'strong' today. Car owner Richard Childress' long-rumored fourth Cup team may be closer to fruition, according to sources. The big question is who the driver might be. As hot as Childress' stuff is right now, potential drivers should be clogging the phone lines to his Welcome shop. Jeff Burton, one of Childress's drivers, was less than enthusiastic last year when a fourth team was proposed, for fear it would take away from the three other teams, which at that time weren't very spiffy. Now, however, Childress' three men – Burton, Kevin Harvick and rookie Clint Bowyer – are all hot, and Bowyer has been a distinct plus for the operation. Winston Salem Journal

08/29/06 Richard Childress is considering a fourth car, probably with Holiday Inn as a sponsor. Ford Racing

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