Dodge to race Challenger in 2007?

UPDATE This rumor is downgraded to 'false' today. The new Dodge nose recently approved by NASCAR for 2007 will be based on the current production model Charger and not the new Challenger being introduced in 2008, according to NASCAR officials. Dodge team owners sought the change for the nose after they felt that was the area of the Charger that was causing the models to be less competitive than Chevrolet or Ford. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

09/03/06 The Dodge Charger has been a disappointment on the track, although that is probably more a reflection of problems within the various Dodge teams and the company's racing hierarchy than any significant technical issues. Several teams balked at running the Charger earlier this year, preferring to run the older Intrepid, even though Dodge wasn't selling that brand any more. Now it appears likely that in 2007 Dodge's NASCAR teams could be marketed under the Challenger logo, rather than the Charger brand. NASCAR has approved a new Dodge nose for next season. But the Challenger isn't expected in dealer showrooms until 2008, so Dodge would have to speed up its introduction. Winston Salem Journal

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