BMW Announces Partnership To Develop Solid-State Batteries

BMW has partnered with U.S. battery company Solid Power to develop next-generation solid-state battery technology.

Reuters reports that the two companies will look to advance solid-state battery technology to the point where it is suitable for use in high-performance electric vehicles.

Many pundits believe that solid-state batteries could start to replace lithium-ion battery cells early next decade. Benefits offered by solid-state batteries include lower costs, greater range, and significantly quicker charging times.

As the name suggests, solid-state batteries feature a solid, conductive material, rather than a liquid or gel-form electrolyte as found in current lithium-ion batteries.

In February, it emerged that BMW had commenced work on solid-state batteries with the intention of using them in production vehicles by 2026.

Numerous other car manufacturers, including Toyota and Porsche, are also investigating or working on solid-state batteries.

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