New Champ Car venue surfaces

UPDATE We can reveal more about this mega-project. No city commission approval required. Zoning is completed as well. Noise abatements are already done too. The track is part of a $3 billion development that will generate over $1 billion in economic impact per year for the local community. This project is moving so fast it may yet make it on the 2007 Champ Car schedule, but later in the season as the track still has to be built. Discussions with Champ Car are on-going and there may be more to report after this weekend. The developer will build the track, but a promoter still must be identified.

08/03/06 has been told in confidence about a new permanent 2.33-mile road course venue in a major USA city that is a very popular destination point. This developer wants to host a Champ Car race, and if it happens, it will catch everyone by surprise. The track layout that we saw is a good one and is integrated into the planned development around it. Unfortunately we cannot reveal anymore details. There is a very slight chance it could happen for 2007, but we suspect 2008 is far more likely. Stay tuned……..

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