3 more Toyotas?

Toyota's presence in NASCAR's Nextel Cup Series expanded again Friday with the creation of Riley-D'Hondt Motorsports. That team will build two Camrys and compete in next year's Allstate 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, as well as five Car of Tomorrow events. The team hopes to be at full speed in 2008 or 2009 with two full-time Busch Series and four Cup teams. Bill and Bob Riley helped NASCAR create its Car of Tomorrow – a car that's supposed to reduce the dependency on aerodynamics to promote more competitive racing. The new car, which is taller and wider than the current car, also will have a rear wing instead of a spoiler. The Rileys are the leading manufacturer of chassis components in the Grand American Road Racing Series with nine victories in 11 races in the Daytona Prototype division. The team didn't offer a lot of detail about its future, except to say it already had a verbal commitment from two drivers. Eddie D'Hondt, who was fired in July as general manager at Robert Yates Racing, said the team decided to concentrate on the Car of Tomorrow because it eventually will be the only car used in NASCAR. AP/Augusta Chronicle

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