Bruce McCaw eyes Champ Car return?

UPDATE #2 We heard from another source that Bruce McCaw remains very serious about possibly getting back into Champ Car as a team owner in 2007. Already the new car is beginning to generate a renewed interest in the series. Like we said a long time ago, 2005 and 2006 would be foundation building years, and 2007 was looking to be Champ Car's breakout year. Certainly with what we have heard in recent days, that appears to be the case. Mark C.

09/24/05 Correction to spelling of Bruce McCaw's name. It is not McCall. Besides their previous involvement with Nextel, Bruce's brother (Craig McCaw) is one of the founders of "Teledesic" (a currently "frozen" company planning a "system" of broadband satellites!)………….Another investor in Teledesic? – Why, Bill Gates. 09/24/05 Former CART team owner Bruce McCaw is rumored to be considering a possible return to Champ Car in 2007 when the new cars will be used. McCaw was spotted in deep conversation with Kevin Kalkhoven in Las Vegas, as well as other Champ Car officials.

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