Wood Brothers mildly confident for 2007

UPDATE #2 Eddie Wood told MRN Radio's NASCAR Today weekday news program – "Some stuff I said was taken out of context, it got in the media and there's absolutely no truth to it. When we (Wood Brothers Racing and ST Motorsports) set out on this project our goal was to have 2 – 2 – 2 (2 Craftsman Truck, 2 Busch Series, and 2 Nextel Cup teams). We have 2 Truck and 2 Busch teams and the 1 Cup team. We are working to expand the Cup program to 2 teams and we are really close to getting that done. We're alive and well and looking forward to 2007."

07/06/06 Eddie Wood's family has been in the racing business on the NASCAR circuit since 1953. Team owner Eddie Wood said he's not sure it will last beyond this season. Wood said he doesn't have sponsorship lined up yet for next season and without it, the family operation might have to close. The team hopes to have two full-time Nextel Cup Series cars next year – one for Ken Schrader and a second for Wood's son, Jon. "We can't make a lot of plans until we get all those (sponsorship) deals in place," Wood said. "Ideally, we'd like a Fusion for Jon and another for Ken. Honestly, right now I can't begin to say what we're going to do next year, but I think we'll have something out there." Augusta Chronicle

07/03/06 Eddie Wood isn’t being flippant when he says, “We might have one car, two cars or no cars next year. Heck, we might all be gone from here. Who knows? Right now, I don’t." The co-owner of Wood Brothers Racing expects to have at least one Ford next year, either for his son, Jon, or current driver #21-Ken Schrader. “Jon’s not under contract, so I’ll let him go if he gets a good offer somewhere else," Wood said minutes before the Pepsi 400. “The deal with us is, our sponsorships are year-to-year. Little Debbie is pleased and the Air Force is pleased, and we think MotorCraft is pleased. We’d really like to have all three of them back. We can’t make a lot of plans until we get all those deals in place. Ideally, we’d like a Fusion for Jon and another for Ken. We’d like to get the Clorox people to come aboard on a car for Jon. But, honestly—right now—I can’t begin to say what we’re gonna do next year. But, yeah, I think we’ll have something out here." Ford Racing

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