Video: Horrific Pileup At The Nurburgring!

Whether it’s clairvoyance or common sense that got this man out of his car, he must’ve been thankful. After stumbling upon a few cars which had crashed after slipping on coolant at the end of the high-speed section called Hatzenbach, he wisely (or not so wisely) pulled off the road.

Unfortunately, the approach to this particular corner is very fast and somewhat blind. Sitting in his stationary BMW E30, the screeching of tires is first heard before a wagon careens past him and into the next barrier. Realizing the precarious position he’s in, he leaps from his Beemer, hops behind the crash barrier, and watches helplessly as an orange 991 GT3 RS spins into the back of his parked car.

Unfortunately, our man can do nothing but stare in amazement as his BMW is smashed. At least he wasn’t sitting in it.
The Porsche is just one of the fourteen involved in this nasty pileup, and there wasn't much that could be done that day. Among the regular sound of squealing tires and crunching metal, our man signaled desperately to warn the oncomers in vain.

After one intelligent driver pulls off to the opposite side of the road to park his maroon E36, a silver TT comes collides into his car. In this multiple-pileup, there’s really nowhere to go.

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