F1 bosses mull 2007 schedule

The Formula 1 team bosses gathered on Saturday morning at Indianapolis to discuss the plans for the 2007 Formula 1 calendar. The big question at the moment is what happens at the start of the year as this year's calendar worked very well and increased the viewing figures as there was a much bigger audience for Bahrain because of the time difference with Europe, F1's biggest market. This resulted in a bigger audience in Malaysia and Australia. The schedule also meant that F1 freight had more logic to it, going out to Bahrain and then on to Malaysia and Australia before being flown back for the start of the European season. There is pressure next year because Belgium wants to come back into the calendar but the teams are still baulking at 19 races. However if there is money available the chances are that they will race 19 times. Grandprix.com

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