Champ Car transporter goes off-roading in Wyoming

UPDATE This rumor is upgraded to 'fact.' It was the last transporter to leave Portland with all the Timing and Scoring equipment. The truck blew a tire at mile marker 184 of Interstate 80, 25 miles south of Rawlins and went off into the grass median. The truck had to be towed out.

Luckily no one was hurt and the driver did a miraculous job keeping the truck from flipping over. The co-driver was asleep in the sleeper cab at the time and certainly got a rude awakening. The transporter is now back on the road in Nebraska and headed to Cleveland.

06/19/06 Everyone from the Champ Car series (Atlantics and Champ Car) is on the road to Cleveland from Portland today. According to a report from one of our satellites in stationary orbit, one of the Champ Car trailers has gone across the center divider and ended up on the wrong side of the road in Wyoming. It does not appear they hit anyone or vice versa. We are trying to confirm.

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