‘GPMA’ to concede engine defeat?

(GMM) F1 carmakers are likely to concede defeat in a battle to soften Max Mosley's engine 'freeze'.

Following the FIA president's insistence at Silverstone that the multi-year 'homologation' would definitely proceed, the rankled carmakers' 'GPMA' group made noises about issuing a formal response.

But it never came, drawing new speculation that McLaren, Toyota, BMW and Honda would simply give up the fight. Indeed, it is suggested that all of the aforementioned squads submitted their engine to be 'sealed' by the FIA after the race.

''I think we just decided not to put anything out (after Mosley's comments),'' Toyota's John Howett, who coordinates the GPMA's PR activities alongside Norbert Haug of Mercedes, told Speed TV.

However, it is still whispered in the paddock that FIA president Mosley, 65, might be willing to slightly dilute his stance, but there is no doubt that the rules are heading down his path.

So Howett continued: ''If that's the case (then) Toyota's position is that we just need to get on with it.

''If that's it, that's it.''

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