Dominguez to drive for Coyne

UPDATE This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' today. Mexican race driver Mario Dominguez announced today that he will run the 5th date of the 2006 Champ Car season for the Dale Coyne Racing Team to be held this weekend in Portland.

"I am very happy that Dale has given me this chance" ensured Dominguez. "I want to thank Telmex and Bridgestone for the support shown in this difficult moment. That is when you can measure who is really with or without you" explained Dominguez. "We will see what we can do, obviously we are not running with the most competitive team right now, but at least we will have a serious chance to maybe steal one away if we can take advantage of the right opportunity." H├ęctor Serrano, reporting from Mexico

According to an interview with Mario Dominguez in El Norte/Reforma, the deal between Mario and Dale Coyne is only for the Portland race. J. J. Arrambide Gonzalez reporting from Mexico

06/15/06 Word out of Portland is that Mario Dominguez will indeed drive for Dale Coyne Racing. We await a formal announcement.

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