PWC Announces Sporting Regulations Changes For 2018 10-Weekend Road Racing Series

PWC is way too complicated for fans to understand
PWC is way too complicated for fans to understand

WC Vision, producers of the Pirelli World Challenge, today announced selected changes in the series’ 2018 Sporting Regulations including adjustments in the popular SprintX format, new driver ratings per classes and vehicle class listings.

In addition, the Pirelli World Challenge has made several adjustments within the qualifying procedures including allowing working on vehicles in the pit lane during the qualifying sessions.

Other changes include all rolling starts for the GT/GTA/GT Cup and GTS/GTSA events in 2018.

Touring Car events will remain the same in 2018 with one rolling start race and one standing start race in the doubleheader weekends.

“We had a very successful 2017 Pirelli World Challenge series and we did not want to change much with our Sporting Regulations in 2018," said Marcus Haselgrove, Vice President, Competition for WC Vision. “However, we did upgrade our driver classifications for 2018 and made a few pit stop adjustments in SprintX including a four-tire change on the pit stop and a splash of fuel as well if needed. The pit stop delta times also have been adjusted in 2018. We believe these changes will make for some outstanding racing this coming year."

The driver rating format has been modified slightly from 2017 with the following classifications:

– All drivers must have an approved PWC Pro Racing License and meet the medical requirements.

– The terms “Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum" relate to the FIA driver categorizations. Touring Car does not require an FIA license or categorization, but drivers will be designated a PWC rating using similar criteria, but with an asterisk symbol “*" by the rating (i.e. Bronze*).

– For the 2018 season, a BRONZE or Bronze* driver may drive alone in the SprintX GT class or the SprintX GT-Cup Class. All other sporting rules will still apply.




GT Sprint GT Cup Sprint


Pro Class

Gold, Platinum

Silver, Gold

Am Class

Bronze to Silver

Bronze, Bronze*


SprintX GT3

Pro – Pro

Gold, Platinum

Does not contain a Bronze

Pro – Am

Bronze + Silver

Touring Cars

Sprint TCR

Bronze* to Gold*

Sprint TC

Bronze* to Gold*

Sprint TCA


The official 2018 car classifications for the Pirelli World Challenge are as follows:

GT Class – FIA GT3 Homologated sports cars (GT Class)

GT Cup Class – Porsche 991.1, Porsche 991.2 GT Cup, Ferrari 458 Challenge, Lamborghini Super Trofeo (GT Cup);

GTS Class – GT4 Homologated cars;

TCR Class – TCR Homologated cars;

TC Class – WC Homologated TC Cars;

TCA Class – WC Homologated TCA Cars.

Regarding the SprintX race changes for 2018, all SprintX events will continue to incorporate a mandatory pit stop between the 25-minute and 35-minute portion of the 60-minute, two-driver format.

In addition, the GT Pro-Pro and GT Pro-Am cars will be required to change all four tires during the mandatory pit stop. Also, fuel may only be added using “dump churns." Any “Booms" or overhead devices that aid the routing of airlines to the far side of the car are prohibited.

The sequence of the pit stop must be followed until the mandatory tire change is completed.

  1. The teams are permitted to stage on the wall or marked area no more than one lap before the pitstop.
  2. Only the crew chief (indicated by an armband) and replacing driver may stand in the working area.
  3. Once the car has entered the pit box the engine must be switched off whilst any work is being performed.
  4. The driver change, with an assistant, may commence.
  5. Up to two fuel attendants and one fire attendant identified by a non-transferable armband may add fuel before any work can be performed on the car. The car must remain with all 4 wheels on the ground. If the crew chief remains in the pit area, he must also be wearing safety clothing and helmet. Once fueling is complete, all fuel attendants must exit the working area.
  6. Two crew members may then commence the tire change. All four tires must be changed with a single wheel gun on center lock wheel nuts. For vehicles with multi lug wheels, an addition wheel gun (but not person) is permitted during the tire change operation all crew regulations apply.
  7. Up to 4 crew members, (excluding the crew chief and drivers) may work on the vehicle after the tire change is complete. One additional person may download data but complete no other functions including carrying and holding tools.
  8. Prior to car leaving all crew and equipment must be clear of the working area.

The minimum time from the “Pit In to Pit Out" timing loops will be known as the “Driver Change Time".

The minimum “Driver Change Time" for all classes will be 45 seconds. This will be added to the pit lane delta which is typically 30 seconds, giving a total minimum time of 75 seconds from the pit in to pit out timing loops.

Any car noted by Timing and Scoring to have recorded a Driver Change Time below its required minimum Driver Change Time may be penalized. The decision of the Chief Timekeeper, as a Judge of Fact, will be final.

The SprintX minimum penalty for exceeding the Pit Window will be a “Drive Through Penalty."

A car may only leave its working area when it is ready to re-join the track and when safely released by a crew member. The car must proceed down the pit lane respecting the pit lane speed limit and without impeding any other competing cars.

In qualifying rounds, the Pirelli World Challenge regulations now allow for working on a race car in the pit lane during the qualifying timed session. However, only the measuring and recording of tire pressures and/or temperatures is permitted. The cleaning of windshields, mirrors, light lenses and door numbers is also permitted.

Any other work will be considered a breach of Parc Ferme conditions and render the lap times up to that point null and void. This applies even if the car does not leave its pit box. The driver is permitted to open the car door but must not leave the car before driving to the designated Parc Ferme area in the paddock.

If a team changes any tires, then the lap times set up to that point will be null and void. This applies even if the car does not leave its pit box. Downloading of any data, or cameras is prohibited during qualifying.

Additional information for the 2018 Pirelli World Challenge Sporting Regulations will be discussed in the annual PWC general meeting set for Friday, Dec. 8, at 1 p.m. EDT as part of the PRI Show at the Indiana Convention Center in Room 208/209. The Pirelli World Challenge booth at the PRI Show is #3365.

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