Red Bull, Ferrari, VW and Cosworth

UPDATE Ferrari engine man Paolo Martinelli was seen at the Red Bull Energy Station at Silverstone having meetings with the boss of Scuderia Toro Rosso, Gerhard Berger. The meeting will add fuel to the rumors that Toro Rosso will be using Ferrari engines next year.

06/11/06 (GMM) Toro Rosso could take over sister team Red Bull Racing's engine contract with Ferrari in 2007.

As speculation rises that 'RBR' – spotting a vacancy with Williams' switch to Toyota – is keen to link up again with Cosworth, attention is inevitably turning to the solid two-year Ferrari agreement.

But the contractual tie might simply be handed over to Red Bull's junior team. Toro Rosso is under pressure to end its V10 arrangement with Cosworth, whose own contractual bind would be similarly negated if Red Bull pick up where Williams left off this year.

''If Toro Rosso want to modify that contract and make it different then we will sit down and talk to them and if we can strike a deal then great,'' said Cosworth's Bernard Ferguson at Silverstone.

Red Bull's racing advisor Helmut Marko, meanwhile, explained at the British circuit that Ferrari's contract until 2007 is with Red Bull, 'not Red Bull Racing'.

Such an arrangement, with Red Bull Cosworth powered and Toro Rosso with Ferrari, would neatly take the teams through to the end of 2007, when it is rumored that Volkswagen might be ready to enter formula one.

It is worth mentioning that, at the bottom of Toro Rosso's daily press releases at grands prix, the 'VW' logo appears prominently.

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