The pieces of F1’s ’07 engine puzzle

(GMM) With Williams' Toyota deal now almost set in stone, some other pieces of the engine puzzle for 2007 are also falling into place.

With Sir Frank's Oxfordshire based squad bagging the Toyota V8s, to presumably be badged as 'Lexus' units, Midland-owned MF1 is thus on the lookout for an alternate source of horse power.

Cosworth, no doubt disappointed to say farewell to Williams, is the obvious connection, but it is also rumored that presently Ferrari-powered Red Bull is eying the independent engine maker's affection.

With sister team Toro Rosso already Cosworth (V10) powered, both squads running the same V8 next year makes sense. The only stumbling block, however, could be the fact that Red Bull's contract with Ferrari includes the 2007 season, but that could potentially be sidestepped by passing the agreement over to Toro Rosso.

If Silverstone-based MF1 do not link up with Cosworth, then – speculatively – a customer deal with Mercedes-Benz is thought possible, even though the German carmaker would like to set up its own 'B' team.

Similarly, Renault could be an option for Midland, but David Richards' 'Prodrive' entry for 2008 is believed to already be in discussions with them not only about engines, but also chassis.

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