Another Zwolsman to enter Champ Car?

The photo to the right shows Charles Zwolsman Sr. and Ross Zwolsman, brother to Champ Car rookie Charles Zwolsman. Ross competed in the 2005 Euroseries F3 with a 'family' owned F3 outfit. After 5 races they withdrew as it's impossible to compete against all the other 'works supported' European F3 teams. Before that Ross did several seasons in German F3, German Formula Renault 2.0 and German Formula Ford Zetec with reasonable success.

At the moment he is not racing. The fact he is in Mexico to see his brother race, might trigger him to move to Champ Car Atlantics sooner rather then later! We wouldn't be surprised at all. He is very fast, probably even faster then his older brother, but he is also much more erratic and this has caused him major problems in European racing (race-license endorsements and disqualifications!). Mark C.

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