Edmonton wants to renew Champ Car race for 30 years

Rumors are flooding out of racing circles that Champ Car (including the Edmonton Grand Prix) and the IRL (Indy Racing League) will soon announce "reunification" of the two, long-quarrelling open-wheel (i.e. race cars, not stock cars) series, perhaps at the Indy 500 later this month.

Merging the two race series, just about every serious observer says, would be a win/win for open-wheel racing.

"It'd be fantastic for us," says Edmonton Grand Prix chairman Ric Forest. "All the best racing teams (in North America) would be coming here, every IRL team and every Champ Car team."

No need to worry about Edmonton being left out in the cold in a rationalizing or restructuring of the two circuits.

"We're assured by Champ Car that we'll be included (should a merger occur)," says Ric.

"We're considered to be the model for further expansion. Our contract (with Champ Car) runs to 2010. We'd like to see it extended for 30 years." Edmonton Sun

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