Merger rumor reaches Mexico

Rumor of a merger has arrived in Mexico as two of the different media outlets, local channels 7 and 12 in Monterrey, have talked about the rumor the last few days. Newspapers El Norte/Reforma (the newspaper uses the name El Norte in Monterrey and Reforma in Mexico City) today published an article where its Motor Sport reporter Enrique Guadarrama (who is in Houston this weekend) writes that the merger is almost a done deal according to Guadarrama.

An important official of Champ Car who asked not to be named told him in Houston that in 2 months the merger will be announced, that the original idea was to make the announcement in Monterrey and Indianapolis at the same time, but because the final points of the deal are still being discussed they decided to move the date back. According to Guadarrama the official told him the new series will use the new Panoz chassis with Cosworth and Honda engines. Jose Arrambide reporting from Mexico for

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