Champ Car SIM

UPDATE #2 A reader writes, The link you posted to the Champ Car sim is a MOD that was made to be used with Electronic Arts F1 Challenge (F1C). This is a free add-on if you own the EA game. There have been numerous MODS made for this game. It is highly recommended if you can find it. Here is a link to IDT/SSM site that explains more about the MOD. SSM also made a great ALMS MOD for the same F1 platform.

SE Games does have the rights to the Champ Car series and is to develop it after they launch a Karting game later this year. Their web site is under construction now but I did see the announcement a number of months back. Stephen R. King, Missiauga, Ontario, Canada

04/21/06 More info on this Champ Car SIM can be found here.

04/20/06 Rumor has it that a Champ Car PC-based SIM game is under development by a company called Team IDT. We uncovered this teaser video clip. The previous company S-E Games appears to be out of the picture now.

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