Toro Rosso may stick with V10 in ’07

(GMMf1NET) Dietrich Mateschitz has described as 'hysterical' claims that Toro Rosso's use of a V10 engine in 2006 is unfair to its rivals.

The Red Bull magnate, fifty per cent owner of the former Minardi team, told Motorsport Aktuell that uncompetitive teams should 'get used to the idea' that Faenza is no longer a back of the grid player.

''We are not Minardi,'' Austrian Mateschitz said.

He added: ''Nowhere is it written that we have to be last.''

The 61-year-old also explained that Toro Rosso simply did not have enough time to equip its car with a V8.

''We took over an existing contract that was made between Paul Stoddart and (Cosworth's) Kevin Kalkhoven. We would rather have had a V8.''

But he warned that ditching the current V10 is not a certainty for 2007. ''We would have to clarify it with Kalkhoven that we would get the same equipment as Williams,'' said Dieter.

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