Champ Car expects 20% increase, new TV deal

Q and A with Champ Car president Steve Johnson:

Q: This year, you’ve got the most race telecasts (seven) on network TV since ’02, with eight more on Speed Channel. What can we expect for next year and beyond?

A: We’re in negotiations right now for (’07). Obviously, I’d love for us to be every weekend on network, but it’s also very expensive to do that. We’re working with partners; Speed has been a partner with us and NBC and CBS are our partners.

Q: How important is network coverage, as opposed to cable coverage, in growing the sport?

A: I think it’s very important. They’re great partners for us. We’re not abandoning cable, but obviously the networks are extremely important to the sponsors. From a numbers standpoint, you seem to get better ratings (on network) and it’s a bigger audience that you can potentially reach. We’re happy with Speed. They’ve been great partners with us, and as a matter of fact they’re going to be re-airing all the network races (this season) as well. I think you’re going to see us increase our TV numbers by 20% probably this year versus last year. The Daily

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