Toyota’s F1 future cloudy

Recall our rumor from Wednesday that Roger Penske could take over the Toyota F1 team. According to a report in Autosport magazine, Toyota boss John Howett wants the sports governing body to clarify a few things, mainly that manufacturers are indeed welcome in the sport after such a big push for independent outfits to join as they are, in FRIA boss Max Mosley’s opinion, the backbone of the sport.

"It's all very unclear at the moment. Are we welcome or not? If we really are not welcome, it should be said publicly. The FIA has got to understand that we are being asked to commit to Formula One until the end of 2012 without giving any indication of whether we are wanted," Howett told Autosport.

“Using technology doesn't always mean more cost, it can mean the opposite," he explained. "If F1 can't remain the pinnacle, then the board will have to decide on the company's participation."

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