Chaves gets latest technology contact lenses

Gabby Chaves
Gabby Chaves

IndyCar driver Gabby Chaves visited Dr. Brad Altman with Aprima: Consultants in Eye Health in Mt. Juliet on Wednesday to be fitted with his new OneFit MED scleral lenses.

Chaves, 24, who has keratoconus, has worn Onefit lenses since February and attributes the lenses with the best vision and eye comfort he has experienced in many years.

Chaves has had success with Onefit lenses thus far, having achieved better than 20-20 vision in both eyes, resulting in an unrestricted IndyCar license.

With the advanced Onefit scleral lens design – the Onefit MED – was released last month specifically for highly irregular and medically indicated corneas like in Chaves’ case. He was referred to Altman to be re-fit in the Onefit MED scleral lenses.

“The larger optical zone of the Onefit MED lens lends itself to greater peripheral views and even better lens stability, which will only benefit Chaves further in his racing career," said Altman. “Onefit and Onefit MED scleral lenses are an excellent, game-changing option for all athletes who need vision correction that will enhance and not hinder their performance."

After he was named rookie of the year in 2015, Chaves had problems with his vision deteriorating and was issued a restricted IndyCar license for the 2016 IndyCar season. He tried to make do with heavy prescription glasses and soft contact lenses, both of which were uncomfortable for him when driving.

Even with the glasses and soft contacts, he was still close to failing the yearly IndyCar eye exam for the 2017 season, and the IndyCar eye doctor expressed significant concerns.

So in February, Chaves found an eye care practitioner who performed a corneal cross-linking procedure and prescribed him with Onefit scleral lenses. Chaves went on to take ninth place in the Indianapolis 500 three months later, his best career finish in the Indianapolis 500.

“When driving at 240 miles per hour, the last thing you can afford to worry about is eye comfort or fluctuating vision," said Chaves. “I am very grateful to Onefit scleral lenses for helping to get my career back on track."

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