What does Renault move mean?

(GMMf1NET) Renault attended last week's meeting with the FIA at the Ferrari factory without the knowledge of other 'GPMA' members, it has emerged.

Toyota's John Howett told 'Speed TV' that he was 'surprised' when he heard that the Flavio Briatore-run camp had agreed with an FIA proposal to freeze V8 engine development in 2008.

''Each (GPMA) member is still entitled to discuss as an individual, so we have to respect that,'' he added.

The news has led to renewed speculation that Renault might be preparing to pull out of F1, with the Enstone-based team to return to the hands of a privateer.

The presence at the meeting of independent engine maker Cosworth, too, has led to suggestions that Briatore could be contemplating the return of 'Supertec' — his engine company based on the Renault design.

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