‘GPMA’ not defeated, says Haug

We expect this rumor to soon go to 'false' but Mr. Haug thinks the GPMA still has teeth. Lodging team entries with the FIA for 2008 does not mean the 'GPMA' carmakers have been defeated, according to Mercedes-Benz's F1 boss Norbert Haug.

''I don't see it like that,'' he told the German 'dpa' news agency, ''and (the manufacturers) also don't see it that they are now on their knees.''

Indeed, indicating entry for the 2008 championship is not a binding commitment to race, sources explain, and the 'GPMA' is reportedly still willing to launch a rival championship if final negotiations fail.

However, every recent sign suggests that a compromise is on the verge of being reached – if one hasn't already been found – with another boost on Tuesday in the form of F1's new owner (CVC) confirming that its acquisition is now complete.

Even Haug admitted: ''I would say the possibility (of a rival series) is fairly small.''

But he suggested that Mercedes, Renault, BMW, Toyota and Honda only signed up for 2008 in order to 'modify the rules' so that they 'correspond to the wishes of the majority of teams'.

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