Will Danica Patrick stay in the IRL?

In a recent interview, the Florida Sun-Sentinel asked Danica Patrick – How did you end up in the IRL or did the IRL find you?

She responded, "The team I drive for, they were a Champ Car team and then they got into IRL and you know it's kind of where the sponsors want to go. If the sponsors want to go to a certain series, you have to go where that money is, because I don't know about you, but I don't have 7 or 8 million dollars to fund my own car wherever I want it. You've got to go where the money is."

She alludes to the fact she is not committed to the IRL and will go where the money is, so the rumors of a possible move to NASCAR may not be so far fetched.

However, she may not be prepared to commit to NASCAR's laborious schedule. In the same interview she said about the prospect of NASCAR, "It might happen one day, but it might not. I think I have to go where the fun is for me. I've lived in England and I've traveled into Europe and stuff, and I don't know it's just right now I'm not excited about Europe very much, so therefore I'm happy where I am in the states. I have my family and my friends and NASCAR is just so many races. You race almost every single weekend, it seems like … that you don't have a life. My husband still works a little bit, by no means would I want to be away from him that much. It's all about what makes you happy in your life. And your life is way too short to just work. And so what if you make a lot of money at the end of it, if you can't do anything with it. Or if you didn't have a good life because you were just working the whole time, what was the point?"

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