Cosworth F1’s fastest engine?

(GMMf1NET) Cosworth, F1's smallest engine maker, is leading the pack in terms of horse power and revs in 2006, according to an analysis.

Germany's '' publication printed the results of an apparent acoustic study, showing that Williams' independent Northampton-based supplier is packing the highest revs with its V8.

The analysis, believed to have been conducted by a rival F1 team, estimated that Cosworth is nipping the heels of the elusive 20,000rpm barrier.

Close behind, however, is Mercedes-Benz, generating a maximum of 19,600 revs per minute for the silver McLaren cars.

In third and fourth places are Ferrari and BMW, with about 19,000 rpm each.

Acoustic rev studies are carried out by recording the sound of an engine whilst it is lapping a formula one track.

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