FIA to inspect Renault’s rear wing

(GMMf1NET) Intriguingly, after Renault questioned the legality of Ferrari's rear wing, it is now suggested that the Enstone based team faces an FIA inspection in Malaysia following doubts about the bodywork of the 'R26' car.

FIA delegate Charlie Whiting may already have arranged a meeting with Renault's Pat Symonds, amid claims that the R26 racer's unique rear wing end plates are designed to bend at high speed, thus reducing wind drag.

According to 'Auto Motor Und Sport' in Germany, the Renault's 2006 rear wing is designed so that – at high speed – the trailing edge moves out of the line of wind flow.

A central theme of the 'flex' case against Ferrari, meanwhile, is that – unlike every other team – the main element of the '248' car's rear wing is not reinforced by vertical 'supports', which in theory could allow the wing to bend at high speed.

'Auto Motor Und Sport' suggests that Ferrari could be asked by the FIA to install such supports.

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