New McLaren deal ’likely’ for Raikkonen

UPDATE This rumor is downgraded to 'false' today as German media reports on Tuesday said that Kimi Raikkonen's move from McLaren-Mercedes to Ferrari in the new year has been finalized. Bild newspaper quotes an unnamed "McLaren insider" as saying that the Finn has made up his mind — in favor of Ferrari. 03/09/06 (GMMf1NET) With speculation in top gear, Kimi Raikkonen is now playing down the possibility that he could switch to Ferrari at the end of the season.

Although the rumor mill seems to think that the 26-year-old driver has signed a contract with the Maranello based team, he was quoted by the 'sid' agency as placing the saga in McLaren's favor.

''The truth is that I have not yet signed with anyone,'' 'iceman' Raikkonen answered, when queried about 2007.

While that statement is nothing new, Kimi goes on to reveal that he is leaning towards staying in silver, where his 2007 McLaren teammate would be Fernando Alonso.

He said: ''It looks more likely that I will stay with McLaren, rather than go somewhere else.''

In the same interview, Kimi also appeared more positive than in the recent past about his 2006-spec McLaren racer.

''The car's handling is good,'' Raikkonen insisted, ''and the whole package is now a lot better. Our lap times improved by about three seconds in the course of winter testing.''

[Editor's Note: If Kimi stays Juan Montoya is out of a job. Might we see him at Ferrari?]

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