Schumacher and Volkswagen to form team?

UPDATE #2 Michael Schumacher's manager has poured cold water on speculation that the German could be planning to one day run his own formula one team.

Ex-team owner Eddie Jordan recently dropped the bombshell-rumor, claiming that the idea – involving the possible purchase of Renault and the involvement of Volkswagen – was 'being discussed' between Schumacher and Ross Brawn.

But Willi Weber, Schumacher's long time confidante, said he 'cannot imagine' Michael, 37, sitting with a stop watch on pitwall.

''And definitely not as a team boss,'' the German told 'Tagesspiegel'.

Does Weber, then, think Schumacher will quit altogether when his Ferrari contract runs out at the end of the year?

''I really do not know,'' he replied, ''and no one should try to influence his decision — not me, not Ferrari.''

Schumacher himself cast no further light on whether he might soon join Jean Todt and Ron Dennis in team boss meetings, when asked a similar question by 'Bild am Sonntag' 'paper.

''I have enough hobbies to keep me busy,'' Michael said. ''It's possible that I will look for a new sport — like, perhaps, horse riding.''

02/21/06 Michael Schumacher's spokeswoman has declined to deny rumors that the German driver could be looking into starting a formula one team with Ross Brawn.

Sabine Kehm, accompanying the 37-year-old Ferrari driver to Bahrain for the winter test, was asked about Eddie Jordan's recent comments that Schumacher and Brawn might buy Renault and look to lure Volkswagen or Audi into the paddock.

''This is a new rumor,'' she was quoted as saying in Melbourne's 'The Age' newspaper, ''although it's not too full of fantasy, considering the link between Michael and Ross.''

Kehm added: ''But it's pure rumor.

''Michael has said countless times that there are few things he would be less interested in doing.''

02/17/06 Eddie Jordan has claimed that Michael Schumacher could prolong his F1 career by forming his own team and believes that the German may already be in talks with Volkswagen. Jordan gave Schumi his F1 break fifteen years ago and isn't convinced that the former World Champion is ready to bow out of the sport at the end of the season.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he encouraged Volkswagen, using their Audi brand, to come to the F1 table. 'Team Schumacher Audi F1' or 'Team Schumacher Volkswagen F1' would immediately attract huge following in Germany – and worldwide," he told F1-Racing magazine.

"I'm not saying it'll definitely happen, but I believe the idea is being discussed, and I can imagine Michael doing it. He's still a very powerful figure, and his name carries huge weight in F1. Schumi could certainly open doors that other people would find locked."

The magazine speculates that, to ease the burden on Schumi, Ross Brawn, whose Ferrari contract expires at the 2006, could be tempted to join the team and that it would be based at Enstone if, as speculated, Renault pull out of F1.

"None of this is certain, but I could see Michael and Ross basing their team at the Enstone facility they had so much success at before," added Jordan.

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