NASCAR to renew with Mexico City

A return of the NASCAR Busch Series to Mexico City for the 2007 season is virtually a certainty, according to the race promoter.

Federico Alaman Gonzalez, the director of sports events for race promoter OCESA, said Saturday that he expects to see the Busch Series back next season at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. He said while the sanctioning agreement remains a one-year deal that must be negotiated annually, his company and NASCAR have a long-term contract to promote NASCAR events and a NASCAR-sanctioned stock-car series in Mexico.

As long as there is that promotion agreement, it is likely that OCESA would want to have a race at the Mexico City track.

"It definitely will be back next year," Alaman said. "It just all comes from the commitment and the trust that NASCAR has been putting in OCESA and the promoters locally.

"We're looking at having a very big sport in our country. NASCAR is going to be big in our country." NASCAR Daily Scene

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