F1 could be banned

(GMMf1NET) Formula One could be banned if an oil crisis grips the world, according to Max Mosley.

In an astonishing warning, the FIA president defended his moves to make the sport more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Mosley told the 'Sunday Mirror' in Britain that opportunistic politicians would aim fire at grand prix racing in a fuel crisis.

''(They) will say, 'We must show the public we are serious about fuel economy and we must stop formula one'.''

Max said F1 must move to the 'cutting edge' of fuel technology, in order to argue that the sport should not be banned.

Mosley continued: ''If you went on television and said, 'We must ban formula one', you immediately get coverage. That would be very tempting for politicians.

''It's a real danger.''

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