F1 mulls 2-tier system

UPDATE Durango GP2 team co-owner Ivone Pinton says Max Mosley's idea of a promotion-relegation system for Formula One is "completely unworkable".

"Today you can spend up to four million euros for one season ," Pinton told Gazzetta dello Sport. "To move to 100 millions to race in F1, assuming you won the GP2 championship, would be like a jump into the void.

"Who can find, between the end of October and January, 100 million euros, and transform the structure into a company with at least 70 employees, with the addition of a wind tunnel?

"I would do it if I had the guarantee – which no one will give me – of a free supply of engines, plus a contribution from the FIA or Ecclestone of 20-25 million euros. Otherwise I wouldn't take that risk. Mosley's proposal is curious, but completely unworkable."

02/14/06 Motorsport chief Max Mosley has said that promotion and relegation are likely to be introduced to Formula One in two years time. Mosley is keen to bring financial stability and reduced costs into the sport – and then add some new interest and a better structure.

"It is one of the new things we are looking at and it would be nice because it is necessary," said Mosley.

"Promotion, and relegation, would add a huge amount of new interest."

Mosley's plan would see Formula One relegating its bottom team, or two, to a 'second division' competition created out of the current GP2 series, which would, in turn, supply replacement promoted teams.

"It is natural and it would be very stimulating for everyone," said Mosley, who is president of the sport's governing body, the FIA. BBC Sport

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