Are A1GP tickets selling well in Mexico?

The Monterrey, Mexico A1GP organizers have announced that tickets are selling so well they are going to build an extra grandstand at the end of the main straight so they can sell 5,000 more tickets. They built less grandstands for this race than the Champ Car race, but still this is a good sign.

If they are putting more seats on the track we're fairly certain they are expecting a sold-out event, but what confuses us is that today an source purchased a couple of tickets for the race. With their race tickets they also received a couple of tickets for the main concert on Saturday night. The concert is going to be at the Arena. Monterrey organizers said that they would give away the tickets to the first 15,000 customers that bought a sitting ticket (no freebies to the buyers of general admission tickets). If this informant got tickets today for the concert then it means they haven’t sold 15,000 tickets yet.

In other ticket news, Milenio, which is the second largest newspaper in Monterrey after El Norte, has announced that they will give 2 seats (tickets) to everyone who subscribes to their newspaper for at least 6 months. Jose Arrambide

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