Renshaw probably won’t race in 2006

Truck Series driver, Deborah Renshaw, may not race in 2006. "Unfortunately, it looks that way," Renshaw said yesterday from her home in Bowling Green, Ky. "I haven't given up entirely. I'm still making phone calls, but I'm not very optimistic. The season is less than three weeks away and I don't have a ride." Renshaw, 30, has been racing since her teens. For the past two years she competed in NASCAR's Craftsman Truck Series. She is the only female driver to lead a race in the 10-year history of the series. Last season she finished 24th in the points standings and won $221,975. At the end of the year she lost her sponsor, and with it her ride at #8-Bobby Hamilton Racing. Said Bobby Hamilton, the 2004 truck series champion who assisted Renshaw's racing efforts the past two years: "I'm a huge Deborah Renshaw fan and I'm sorry she's having trouble. She is a hard worker who listens to advice and tries to learn. I've always admired her determination and her toughness." Renshaw is pondering her career options. She holds a degree in business and an associate degree in marketing. Her father owns several Kentucky car dealerships and she said she may enter the automotive field. "It's sad to give up on something you've wanted so badly and worked so hard for, but I frequently receive letters or e-mails from little girls or young women who say I've inspired them to race," she said. "That makes it all worthwhile for me. I know that one of them will make it eventually." More at the Tennessean

[Editor's Note: Just because she is a woman this makes the news. If she isn't good enough for the big leagues, which she is not, she has no business there. She has not shown us one iota of brilliance that would indicate she has what it takes.]

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