Charlotte Motor Speedway To Re-Apply Traction Compound

Track officials with Charlotte Motor Speedway acknowledged that the PJ1 TrackBite traction compound applied to the racing surface for this weekend’s events had not been applied correctly, and will be re-applied prior to Sunday’s Bank of America 500.

The compound, which had been used two weeks ago at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, was not laid down as evenly in turn four as it had been in turn two due to a problem with the track sprayer used to apply the compound.

Several drivers experienced issues with slippery track conditions during Friday’s opening practice session, including Brad Keselowski, Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Busch and Earnhardt both smacked the wall coming off turn four, while Keselowski spun out without suffering any damage to his car.

Earnhardt, Jr. was force to go to a backup car, while Kyle Busch’s crew opted to repair the primary car rather than go to a backup.

The uneven application of the traction compound meant more of the compound was laid down in turn two than had been applied to turn four.

As the track got hotter during the course of the day, the compound seemed to have the opposite effect – making turn four slicker rather than having more grip.

"I think you guys saw it during practice, the stuff that they sprayed down it has had a bad reaction to the sun or something that has made it really slick," said Earnhardt. "We saw at Bristol, it takes some heat and some activity to work it in and get it to activate and create grip, but we never seen it like this. When they put it on, the time of day, the sun beating on it all day, I don't know, but something has made it to where it doesn't have grip, it's the opposite."

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