Toro Rosso V10 illegal?

MidlandF1’s managing Director Colin Kolles has spoken out against the Scuderia Toro Rosso team, formerly known as Minardi, who plan to use restricted VB10 engines in 2006.

"Obviously I have a very clear opinion. This engine does not belong in F1 any more," he said. "It is not the regulation. It has been accepted due to a financial reason for Minardi and this is not any more the case. For me it is not understandable – Red Bull spending hundreds of millions, having two teams and bullshitting the world, basically. The car is not legal. That is the point. It is very clear."

"If they are in front of us then they will have a problem because I will not be very happy with this and I am very clear about this," he said. "I trust the FIA. It is in the hands of the FIA. We are looking at it, but we are looking very carefully at it."

"It is not a question of making the engines slower. It is a question that the regulations state a V8 engine, and not a restricted V10 engine," he said. "It was an exception for Minardi due to financial reasons. For us it is not only a V8/V10 the power, it is also a financial matter. A V8 engine is much more expensive than a V10 engine and if it is restricted you can run much longer and be more reliable. It has more torque. It is not just restricting the engine, it is a completely different world."

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