FIA set to confirm ’Aguri’ entry

UPDATE #3 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' based on yesterday's announcement.

01/23/06 The Super Aguri F1 team has confirmed that they have lodged the $48 million bond required to compete in Formula One this season.

A spokesperson for the team told that while they were hoping to hear something over the weekend of January 13, they now hope their entry will be officially confirmed very soon.

"The bond was indeed lodged and we are waiting to hear from the FIA," the team replied when asked if they had in fact managed to put together the finances necessary to secure their entry. With the legal teams working in both France and Japan, we were hoping to hear over the weekend January 13, but we now hope to hear this week."

01/16/06 While Super Aguri Racing has the agreement of the other ten teams to join the championship this season, there is a small delay with the official FIA approval following some legal issues. However, an announcement is thought to be made later this week with their first official test to take place in a few weeks time.

01/11/06 (GMMf1NET) F1's eleventh team, Super Aguri, is likely to be shown a green light by the FIA this week.

It had been expected that the governing body would formally approve the Japanese outfit's late entry last week, after all ten fellow teams unanimously agreed to let it happen.

According to whispers, the FIA will now make an announcement on Thursday or – at the latest – early on Friday. It is understood that Aguri Suzuki-led 'Super Aguri' has now lodged the mandatory $48m bond.

''A formal announcement of the new team's entry will be made on receipt of the (financial) guarantee,'' a spokesman said last week.

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