Glock and DHL – Champ Car or GP2

UPDATE #5 "We are still talking to GP2 teams but we also have two strong options in Champ Car," the 23-year old Timo Glock revealed to Autosport magazine. "I think Champ Car is the way forward for us, but we will find out soon what those teams want." We hear one of those teams could be Newman/Haas as a third car.

This from – Timo Glock used to be a Jordan Formula 1 driver, and a pretty good one based on a limited number of appearances. Then he went off to America and impressed in his first season in Champ Car with Rocketsports. Glock came back to Europe over the winter to do a test in GP2 with the ART team but as the operation will be running Alexandre Premat and Lewis Hamilton in 2006, Glock's choices are somewhat limited if he wants to make a big impression and it looks more likely that he will return to the United States in an effort to get himself back on the F1 radar screens. To do that he needs to win and so it is believed that Glock is looking at trying to do deals with the top teams, notably Newman Haas Racing which is happy to run a third car if funding can be found. We believe that several drivers are in the hunt for such a deal, including Cristiano da Matta but Glock's hefty support from DHL may help him sign up alongside Sebastien Bourdais and Bruno Junqueira. 12/19/05 Frenchman Alexandre Premat says he is 99% certain he will land the 2nd ART GP2 seat. If so, Timo Glock may be out of GP2 and headed back to Champ Car, but we hear DHL is insisting he be with a team that will allow him to challenge for podiums positions and win races in 2006 on a consistent basis. Only three teams do that on a consistent basis – Newman/Haas, Forsythe and RuSPORT. Newman/Haas has stated they are trying to run a third car, but only if they find sponsorship. With DHL money behind him, it would seem that may be a match made in heaven. Forsythe can field three cars, but we hear he is testing three Mexican drivers in January, two of which could team with Paul Tracy. We assume Mario Dominguez is in the running. RuSPORT probably does not have the shop space to run a third car yet. Conclusion, if Glock and DHL stay in Champ Car (they can still go to another GP2 team) we can speculate and say it will be with Newman/Haas.

12/16/05 According to, Timo Glock is still neck and neck with Frenchman Alex Premat, who has shone in the A1 Grand Prix series, for the 2nd seat in the ART GP2 team alongside McLaren protégé Lewis Hamilton.

And we will repeat once again, how can Champ Car let Glock and DHL get away? If it takes putting him in the third seat at Newman/Haas, then so be it.

12/01/05 Autosport asked Timo Glock the following questions at today's GP2 test at Paul Ricard and it sure sounds like he is leaning toward GP2 for next year.

Q. Obviously coming to do this test here means people will be wondering about your plans for next year – what are you looking at for 2006?

Glock: We have to look at what happens in the next couple of weeks – we are still talking to the guys in Champ Car, and I think it's open in every way. If I have a chance to drive with ART in GP2 then I think I would take it, but if I get a good ride in Champ Car … It's difficult to say now, I think – it would make sense to stay for another year in Champ Car, but GP2 is a good series with a lot of strong drivers. We'll see what's going on in the next couple of weeks.

Q. Considering your backers are based over here, it would seem to make sense for you to come back to Europe.

Glock: Definitely, and you are closer to Formula One. Formula One is still my goal, so that's the main reason to be here I think – to be close to Formula One. Autosport

11/30/05 According to this Speed-Academy article, Glock says, "The first year in the series of Champ Car opened my eyes. If it should not work out for Formula 1 for 2006, I would like to go in any case another year over there in order to transfer the skills I have learned." However, with that said, for Glock to land a ride with the top GP2 team will give him a chance to win races on a regular basis in front of the F1 community and will probably take him away from Champ Car unless they feel he can win races in Champ Car in 2006. He came close once in 2005 (Montreal) but that was largely the result of some good pit strategy.

11/29/05 In what can only be termed a major loss for Champ Car, reports that Champ Car rookie of the year and ex-Formula One tester Timo Glock is believed to be testing Nico Rosberg's championship winning GP2 car at this week's test in Paul Ricard, implying a return to Europe is on the cards for the German driver.

Even more critical is the loss of sponsor DHL to Champ Car, a series in major need of every team/car sponsor they can get. How that relationship wasn't properly nurtured is beyond us.

Glock, who made a number of appearances in the GP2 paddock this season, has been a member of the Deutsche Post Speed Academy for a number of years, and moved to America when he was unable to find a drive for this year in Formula One.

Given his backing, a return to European racing would provide a better marketing platform than continuing in Champ Car, despite his success there reports Autosport.

Glock is expected to share the car with Lewis Hamilton, who is strongly tipped to take one of the ART seats for 2006, while Hayanari Shimoda is likely to be in the second car on both days.

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