Bernie to run German, Belgian, GPs?

UPDATE #2 (GMMf1NET) Just as he reportedly also will for the German grand prix, Bernie Ecclestone is poised to rescue the historic Belgian grand prix.

Local Wallonian minister for the budget, Michel Daerden, said in parliament that a new agreement with the F1 supremo – to promise the race at Spa Francorchamps – has nearly been finalized, according to the Belga agency. ''I have here a near agreement,'' he stated.

Meanwhile, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has promised to 'soon' reach an agreement to save Germany's embattled grand prix at Hockenheim.

The 75-year-old Briton told 'Mannheimer Morgen' newspaper that he had not yet signed off on a solution to promote the race himself.

''But I will find an agreement with my friends at Hockenheim soon,'' Ecclestone vowed.

It is understood that he favors the concept of alternating the race, year on year, with Germany's other grand prix venue in Nurburg.

Hockenheim mayor Dieter Gummer, also chairman of the near-bankrupt formula one track in south-western Germany, confirmed that Bernie was deeply involved in the rescue of the event.

He said: ''If we are talking to Bernie, then I assume there will be a solution.'' The key meetings are planned for the end of January, at Ecclestone's London base.

01/11/06 (GMMf1NET) Hockenheim mayor Dieter Gummer has confirmed media reports that Bernie Ecclestone may be involved in the rescue of the German GP.

It was reported on Tuesday that, after Hockenheim ran into financial strife, the 75-year-old F1 supremo is poised to take over as promoter of the race.

''We have planned a meeting for the second half of January,'' said Gummer, who is also chairman of the circuit.

He declined to go into detail about what may be discussed with Ecclestone at the meeting.

''We will be well prepared,'' Gummer revealed, ''and we will discuss things openly.''

However, while is has been suggested that the July 30 (2006) event may be in jeopardy, other sources are vehement that this year's German grand prix will go ahead despite the outcome of the Ecclestone discussions.

01/09/06 (GMMf1NET) After reportedly jumping to Spa-Francorchamps' aid, Bernie Ecclestone may also rescue the endangered German grand prix.

The 'Mannheimer Morgen' newspaper claimed on Monday that Bernie, the 75-year-old F1 supremo, is poised to take over as promoter of the Hockenheim event, just as he apparently will for Belgium's grand prix.

Ecclestone has reportedly called a meeting with officials of the near-bankrupt F1 circuit, located in the south west of the country.

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