Brit trio could reunite in F1

(GMMf1NET) At a typical grand prix in the late eighties, British names like Mansell, Brundle and Palmer went wheel-to-wheel.

In the future, it could happen again.

As well as 1992 champion Nigel Mansell's sons Leo and Greg, the sons of 158-race veteran Martin Brundle, and Tyrrell star Jonathan Palmer, are working their way through the junior ranks.

Brundle's boy, Alex, is a talented karter, as is Dr. Palmer's son Jolyon, who is also fifteen.

''I wish (Mansell's) sons the best of luck in their racing careers,'' Brundle told the Sunday Times newspaper, ''and I hope my son will be just behind them.

''We need as many Brits in world-class motor sport as possible — especially if they are as great as Nigel Mansell.''

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