Another Adam Petty in the making?

A reader writes, Dear, Marco Andretti driving in the IRL is initially a large PR boost for the failing venture. However, it has the potential to be a disaster. At best he will be uncompetitive. At worst… I do not even want to think of it (although I am reminded of a NASCAR dynasty family where the son was less successful than the grandfather, in an effort to revive the family name trotted out his very young son, unfortunately unqualified for the big cars, and Adam Petty was tragically lost soon thereafter).

What a shame, a crime almost, to put a fine young man at risk in the most inherently dangerous racing venue – oval track open wheel racing – where the injury record is unparalleled – just in the name of a PR stunt to juice up ratings and fill up a field that is dwindling due to the flaws in the business plan and product.

So AGR is racing 5 cars in the 500 now in a pathetic effort to prop up the IRL series and fill the 33-car field where they are at least 14-15 cars short? Hey Michael; got an extra car for me ? Glenn Tanner, Palos Verdes Estates

Dear Glenn, You make a valid point. However, the IRL cars next year will take even less talent to drive as they will be easy flat everywhere due to the drop in HP to get the engines to last 1,100 miles between rebuilds. So although they will be easy to drive, the lower horsepower will indeed bunch the cars up more and make the potential for a Ryan Briscoe, Kenny Brack or Tony Renna like accident. We pray not, but given all the injuries in the IRL since the day the series started, its drivers have always been sacrificial lambs, sacrificing life and limb for the 'vision.' Mark C.

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