The Zwolsman name in Holland

UPDATE is told that it is the younger Zwolsman's father (below, right), who has been out of jail on and off for years and is one of the first big drug lords in Holland. Again we know why the son has fled Holland for the USA. We have to feel sorry for his son, having to live with a father like that, and having to carry the weight of that baggage on his shoulders. This should not be held against the son, who has no involvement whatsoever. 12/07/05 Champ Car Atlantic champion Charles Zwolsman, from Holland, shares the same name (different person) with a Charles Zwolsman in Holland. Born in 1955, that Charles Zwolsman is one of the biggest drug dealers in the world (source). Maybe that's why the young Zwolsman has left Holland and moved to the USA to race, to stay clear of the name confusion.

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