Indian cars to hit world markets

The last few days have seen some interesting developments in India with the news that Tata Motors, a sponsor of Narain Karthikeyan is planning to do a number of things to increase its international profile and sales – and its involved in automotive technology and in motorsport.

Tata Motors is looking abroad for more sales and is aiming to export half the cars it builds by 2010. At the moment that figure is only 20%. The company is about to start producing cars which meet the new European emissions regulations and has also announced that it is to establish a development centre near Coventry to learn and develop new ideas and technologies from the automotive world.

And on top of all this it is being reported in India that Tata Motors and GM India are about to unveil a single-seater racing car with which they intend to create a national championship in India. The full details of this program will be revealed in the next few days but there is no question that Tata is a company that is on the move. And that could be very good news for Karthikeyan.

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