Changes ahead for PPI

Car owner Cal Wells still isn't revealing his plans for 2006, but he said that tentative plans to do some deal next season with Doug and Robert Yates didn't get off the planning board. There has been considerable speculation about Wells, a longtime Chevy man, and the Yateses, with Fords, doing a team together. But Wells said he'll remain with Chevrolet. "I've heard everything, and things are going on that will be exciting – but I'm not part of that," Wells said. "There was a door that opened and closed a couple of weeks ago. Doug and I are good personal friends, and I would do whatever he might want. I have immense respect for Doug. And we kicked around some ideas, that probably got talked about around the garage. But all of that was incredibly premature." So what will Wells have for 2006? "We're all racing for our jobs, Bobby Hamilton Jr. included," Wells said. "But Bobby is my driver today, and we'll see where it goes." Winston Salem Journal

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