Test limit faces axe

F1 teams' voluntary 30-day test agreement will be scrapped if Ferrari do not come to the party.

BAR-Honda principal Nick Fry warned that the Italian team, which refused to sign the 'gentleman's agreement' adhered to by every other squad in 2005, will not be given the same advantage next year.

Ferrari tested for about 80 days this season, arguing that – as the only main Bridgestone team – it should be allowed more miles than Michelin's seven tire partners.

But with Williams and Toyota switching camps for 2006, that justification is now defunct.

''There is a draft agreement (for 2006),'' Fry revealed to f1total.com, ''but unlike this year, I think we'll see a restriction only if ten teams agree.''

Ultimately in 2005, even Ferrari's unfettered approach to in-season testing did not help the scarlet marque out of an unusual competitive hole. But Fry, 49, is not so sure the team's rivals will be so 'lucky' next time around.

''So we can't allow a competitor like Ferrari to maintain a competitive advantage like that,'' Fry said.

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