VW could be Cosworth’s last chance in F1

In 2006 Cosworth will supply V10 engines to the Minardi (Now Red Bull) team and V8 engines to Williams. Williams is reported to be switching to Toyota power in 2007 and that would leave Cosworth with just the lowly ex-Minardi team. However, The latest rumor in Germany suggests that VW's Audi offshoot may enter F1 and provide engines to Red Bull Racing and Squadra Toro Rosso in 2008. If that is successful, so goes the theory, the German car manufacturer would then take over Squadra Toro Rosso and run the team with Volkswagen branding. The theory is that the Audi engines would be built for the German company by Mario Illien or former Toyota man Norbert Kreyer.

Bottom line, if Cosworth can't get VW to badge their F1 engine rather than produce it in-house, Cosworth will be out of the F1 business, perhaps for good. What's bad for F1 is that the independent engine companies like Cosworth will be pushed out of the sport and car manufacturers will have direct or indirect control of the entire F1 grid. At that point Bernie Ecclestone will be at their mercy in regards to a new Concord agreement for 2008.

There appears to be a concerted effort by the car manufacturers to cut off and kill Cosworth at every turn, and they will be successful unless Cosworth can get someone to badge their engine soon.

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