Grand-Am to overtake Champ Car in Mexico City?

In this provocative interview with Grand-Am president Roger Edmondson, Edmondson hints that the Mexico City race promoter is building the Grand-Am race and not doing much promotion of the Champ Car race. Given this was the 2nd straight year weekend attendance dropped significantly, Champ Car had better wake up, open an office in Mexico City (across the street from the firmly established NASCAR office?) and look after what was once their biggest event (Surfers now has the #1 weekend attendance).

"Every billboard and TV ad I've seen (here in Mexico City) has only been about the sports car event (not about Champ Car). This promoter recognizes that what is today may not always be. So the day may come when he wants a free-standing Grand-Am event and it's in his best interest to educate the audience that we exist and here is what we do."

–Roger Edmondson

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