PKV shootout – add Timo Glock to the mix, no

UPDATE #4 Timo Glock stated on today's teleconference that he is looking for a team that can run in the top-5 consistently next year, be that Rocketsports or another team. He pointed out that this is Silly Season in all leagues and everyone is talking to everyone else, so the rumors are flying hot and heavy. He hopes that DHL will stick with him next year, either in Champ Car or F1, though he admits F1 appears doubtful at this time. Mark C. 10/27/05 This latest SPEEDTV interview with Timo Glock says:

Q: Have you heard about the rumored PKV driver shootout to replace Jimmy Vasser? Will you be a part of it?

“I read about it today, actually! We’re talking to several teams, but so far nobody told me anything about a shootout – maybe they’ll ask me in Mexico City. I wouldn’t mind taking part in a shootout, no problem."

Q: What about your DHL sponsorship? Do you expect it to retain it for ’06?

“That’s still being finalized as it’s all pending on what I will do next year. We have to see what’s happening [with F1 rides] in Europe and also if we are able to land a top Champ Car seat. I expect to have it all sorted out in three or four weeks, and then we’ll be able to know what kind of program DHL will want to do with us."

Q: Any chance you could be linked to DHL’s new ALMS program with Porsche?

A “No, that’s a completely separate deal."

10/27/05 According to our sources, Timo's manager claims to have had no contact with PKV Racing and was surprised by this story that Glock may test for PKV Racing. In addition, the team claims there is no driver shootout planned. 10/26/05 Add Timo Glock's name to the PKV shootout list. AUTOSPORT has learned that Ryan Dalziel, Darren Manning, Timo Glock and possibly Ryan Briscoe will be competing for the ride. SPEEDTV's Robin Miller reports that Glock earned rookie-of-the-year honors in Champ Car this season for Rocketsports but the ex-Formula One shoe has made it no secret he wants to move on following the '05 finale at Mexico City. 10/24/05 Rumor has it according to SPEED News Sunday that PKV Racing will do a shootout between Ryan Briscoe, Darren Manning and Ryan Dalziel and others in the off-season for an eye toward a ride in 2006.

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